Most Unhealthy Side Effects Of Drinking Coffee

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A coffee is the best thing to start your day. It gives you instant energy and mood booster as well. But when you drink it more often in a day, then it would trigger many adverse reactions in your body.

1.Weight Gain: When you take coffee with milk, sugar or cream it would definitely increase your calories content of the body. This would in turn make you gain weight unless you choose to consume it in black.

2.Feeling Anxious: Coffee acts as a stimulant, it triggers your body to experience different reactions from which you suffer from anxiety and stress.

3.Experience Laxative Disorder: You might have already experience this one as your cup of coffee makes you run to the restroom. When you drink two or three cups of coffee a day, it would cause diarrhea as per International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders.

4.Experiencing Jitters: The sudden rush of energy which has been followed by a crash is actually the real sign of consuming excessive caffeine. This is because caffeine would speed up your central nervous system and make you feel shaky and you might even feel the nauseating or racing heart.

5.Not Enjoying A Good Night’s Sleep: Think, when a cup of coffee could help you to wake up in the morning and battle fatigue until afternoon, then what happens when you drink it before the bed. It would definitely interrupt your sleep and make you stay awake throughout the night.