If you love Indian Culture and want to know about an Indian diet plan for weight loss, An Indian diet plan has been used for centuries in India to maintain health, and it is now gaining popularity worldwide. The Indian diet plan consists of three main parts: a vegetarian-based first phase, a vegan-based second phase, and the non-vegetarian third phase. This article discusses the Indian diet plan for weight loss as well as its associated benefits that you will be able to enjoy with the help of this particular diet. READMORE:- Which Fruit is Good For Skin

The high content of fiber is what makes Indian food so rich in nutrients. The carbohydrates that you get from the Indian diet are of a low glycemic index which means that your body can easily absorb them. It is also being noticed that when you use an Indian diet plan for weight loss, you tend to have raised levels of insulin. This ensures that the energy level of your body is increased and the body fat is burned efficiently. It’s important to remember to consume the right kind of fats so that you don’t experience any adverse side effects as a result.

One of the most common ingredients used in an Indian diet plan is turmeric which helps in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels and cholesterol. The higher levels of both vitamins and minerals present in the Indian diet plan also help in maintaining good health. It is also essential to have low blood pressure, and this is achieved through consuming adequate amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. The fiber present in these foods helps in controlling constipation as well as reducing the pain of hemorrhoids.

You need to take a look at your diet plan and make some changes, if necessary. There are lots of nice things that you can eat when you adopt an Indian food plan, but you will need to ensure that everything that you are eating is nutritious and tasty as well. This is much easier said than done, but if you stick to your diet plan, you are sure to see some great results.

If you’re someone looking for healthy Indian food recipes to lose some weight, We’ll be going over the top 10 Indian dishes that will help you burn fat, whether it’s from your belly or just overall, and also list a few other benefits of consuming these dishes.

Entering the Indian diet plan for weight loss may not always be easy, but it’s well worth the hard work. With these top 10 dishes we have compiled here, you’ll finally get that slim body you’ve dreamed about.

  1. Bitter Gourd/Karela – zero calories

Bitter Gourd or Karela if you prefer, is probably the tastiest dish you’ll ever try in your life. This Indian diet plan for weight loss, it’s a huge favorite in the Indian cooking world. And it’s also near the top of our list because of its many health benefits, especially when it comes to burning fat fast.


The bitter gourd fruit is full of a lot of nutrients and lowers blood sugar levels when consumed regularly. It’s also known for increasing metabolism which means more fat burning at a faster rate.


  1. Coconut Water – zero calories (after squeezing all of the juice out)

Coconut water is one of the most natural thirst quenchers that has ever been created. It’s very low in calories and you can get it fresh from coconuts on the beach.


  1. Tomato Soup – zero calories (with no cheese or cream)


Tomato soup is a favorite among Indian dieters because it’s very easy to make if you have access to a blender or food processor. You can put simply just use chicken broth, tomatoes, and spinach for a tasty soup. It’s great with some roti, chappati, or naan to dip in.


  1. Millet (Ragi) – zero calories


Millet (Ragi) is one of the most popular grains in India, it’s a very filling healthier alternative to rice and any other grain out there. Millet is very low in calories and has a lot of fiber which means it will fill you up faster so you don’t feel hungry so much.


  1. Mint Chutney – zero calories


Mint chutney is a spicy and healthy sauce that goes great with just about anything. You can also make it into a patty and wrap it up in some roti, chappati, or naan to give you a healthy Indian diet plan for a weight loss breakfast sandwich.


  1. Green Chutney – zero calories (optional oil added)


Green chutney is also spicy like mint chutney. It’s also one of the most widespread Indian sauces that go great with most Indian dishes.


  1. Subzi/Pratichi – zero calories


Subzi or Pratichi is essentially a salad that consists of rice, potatoes, beans, and other Indian veggies mixed. Subzis are often eaten with roti or chappati for a complete Indian diet weight loss meal.


  1. Chutney – zero calories (optional oil added)

Chutneys are dips that burst in flavor when it comes to Indian food recipes for weight loss. You can also make it a patty and eat it for breakfast.

  1. Paneer/Cottage Cheese – zero calories


Paneer or cottage cheese is a very popular Indian dish that’s made out of curdled milk (yogurt). It’s very low in calories and is found in pretty much any Indian restaurant around the world.


  1. Chicken Curry – zero calories


Chicken curry is another of the most popular Indian dishes in India. It’s considered a bit of an Indian diet plan for weight loss itself because it’s so easy to make and tastes great. Chicken curry goes well with just about anything.

You can easily put together your meal using the top 10 Indian dishes above to ensure that you get the best results possible as you’re trying to lose weight. These are all zero-calorie foods once you get rid of all the oil, but putting a little bit back in may be required if you want to taste it more. Give your feedback do you love this blog: Indian diet plan for weight loss.

You can as well adjust the spice level of any dish by adding more or less than what the recipe calls for. Try mixing Indian foods with zero calories with your favorite healthy foods and you’ll be able to come up with a tasty meal that will help you lose weight.

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