How to Lose Back Fat – Do Only 5 Exercise and Diet Plan

In today’s modern world, many individuals are fed up with the extra fat deposits in the body and are looking forward to how to lose back fat to have a perfect and healthy lifestyle.

The three most important factors that affect back fat storage are – genetics, diet, and lifestyle. Thus, you will have to lose overall fat to get rid of back fat.

A combination of an exercise routine and a healthy diet plan effectively focuses on your lower and upper back. This combination can work together to lose back fat quickly within a short duration of time.

This article deals with some detailed tips and tricks on how to lose back fat.

What Causes Back Fat?

A lack of cardio exercise in an individual’s lifestyle often leads to increased back fat. Back fat accumulates slowly over time and becomes noticeable after a few years.

Consumption of a high sodium and sugar diet can also contribute to increased back fat in your body.

Furthermore, Excess body fat usually accumulates on the back and tends to increase your shirt size, bra size. This is an indication that you are overweight. Various medicine and a lack of physical activity, and poor nutrition habits are among the main villains in extra back fat.

Have a look at the few causes of back fat and “bloat” appearance on a significant amount:

  • Eating excess sugar diet
  • Heavy salt intake
  • Consuming too many calories per bowl
  • An inactive or still lifestyle
  • Poor body postures

Significance of losing back fat:

Extra fat storage in the body might seem to accumulate easier in one spot than another on your body. But this is a myth. Fat accumulation is not typical for only one place on your body; instead, it is due to the entire body weight gain.

So, if you have enough body fat to fall under the overweight category, you are negligible to your physical health. Being obese or overweight can increase the risk for Type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, cancer, depression, anxiety, and sleep insomnia. You might also develop stroke and high blood pressure. Thus, it is essential to pay heed to back fat and try to lose back fat.

For losing back fat, you must maintain a proper exercise routine and diet plan tips. To keep a healthy diet plan, you should follow the remedies mentioned further in this article. The information and tricks will help you to lose back fat weight and have a fit body figure.

Maintaining a diet plan and exercise routine will not seem challenging for you if you focus on the goalie losing back fat. You must labor hard and have a strict diet intake for the target of a healthy lifestyle.

Best 5 Exercise do anywhere home/gym:

Stubborn fat clinging to the back of the body calls for these easy 6 exercises. Try to add these exercises into your routine, and you will get rid of that stubborn back fat in no time.

1) Back-Intensive Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise is one of the greatest and easiest ways for burning excess calories and excess back fat. Regular cardio exercise will help you burn a ton of calories and eliminate fat throughout your body. Cardio includes rowing, boxing, swimming, brisk walking, running, jogging and cycling.

opt for any one of these cardio exercises to lose back fat within weeks.

2) Pull-Ups

Adoption pull-ups into your exercise will lead to a sexy back and a heap of additional body well-functioning.

To do Pull-ups, follow the given steps:

  • Face your palms outwards at the top of the movement.
  • Now, slowly lower your body weight in a controlled motion.
  • Reset your body towards the top end of the movement and repeat the entire process 5-10 times.

Now, click on full pull-ups motion when your strength supports.

  • To do the full pull-ups, start from the bottom of the body movement.
  • Now, pull up with your back, shoulders, and arms.
  • Try to lower your entire body in a controlled manner and repeat the entire process 5-10 times.

3) Bridges

Bridges is an easy exercise that will cultivate a well-shaped back and also help your back-stabilizing muscles.

To practice Bridges, follow the given steps:

  • Lie on your back and draw your knees inwards up to a 90-degree angle.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor and lift your buttocks in an upwards direction. Do this until you are successful in keeping your back in a straight line.
  • Stay still in this position for 10-15 seconds, followed by the slow lowering of your body weight towards the ground.
  • repeat the bridge movement 10-20 times before completing a set, and you will see miracles happening to your extra back fat storage.

4) Superman

This exercise works on your lower back and thus leads the body to lose back fat.

To do this exercise, follow the given step-by-step guide:

  • Lie flat on your stomach followed by stretching your body out such that your legs and arms are lengthened.
  • Now, lift your hands and feet simultaneously off the ground.
  • Make sure both your arms and legs are about 6 inches off the ground.
  • Try to lift your belly button off the floor and stay still in the same position for few seconds.
  • Lower your legs slowly and bring your arms back down. Now, repeat the exercise several times.


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5) Reverse hip raises with exercise ball

Reverse hip raise is a low-impact exercise. Try to do this exercise, and you will find an easy hips exercise. This exercise is a hassle-free exercise to lose back fat.

Follow the given instructions to do reverse hip raise:

  • Lie with your belly on the exercise ball and place your eyes on the ground.
  • Make sure your palms are flat on the floor and your legs are bent at the knee.
  • Squeeze your glute muscles together, followed by balancing your glute muscles on the ball.
  • Keep pressing your legs together and up in such a way that the ball remains stable during the movement.
  • Keep your position still for several seconds and then lower your legs.
  • Repeat the entire process several times with each time increased length of holding the hip raised.

Diet plan Tips for reducing back fat

Maintaining a healthy diet is as essential as exercises to lose back fat at home. Follow the five diet plans to lose back fat quickly.

1) Cut Calories content

Cutting calories is the key to lose back fat. Losing calories by about 300 to 500 calories per day will lead to a loss of 1 to 2 pounds each week.

Thus, focus on lower calorie intake instead Consume green leafy vegetables and herbs items.

2) Have a decreased sodium intake

Regular intake of salty and spicy food items can cause back bloating—furthermore, sodium adds-on to the excessive water retention that leads to extra back fat content.

To get a fit back, cut down on processed and restaurant foods, which are over-laden with sodium.

3) Consume more fiber-rich foods

opt for healthy, fiber-rich, and low sodium foods to lose back fat. Food items such as avocados, eggs, nuts, leafy greens, veggies, fish, etc., are the best fiber-rich diet.

4) Say No to high-starch food items

High carb and starchy foods are super delicious as well as super unhealthy! Such food items are usually full of sugars and zero calories. Thus, cut back on foods such as white bread, deep-fried chips, and cookies.

5) Consume more water

Staying hydrated is the best way to feel satisfied and complete by the stomach. Thus, sip in more water throughout the day to stop the craving for salty and sweet food. This will help you to lose back fat within weeks.


Just take up the diet as mentioned earlier plan and exercises tip to lose back fat within weeks. Avail your body with a fit and healthy outlook.

Also, do not forget to regularly stick to the tips for the best results of losing back fat.

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