How To Increase Your Wrist Size with 5 Easy Exercise

How to increase your wrist size

How to increase your wrist size: Many people who will do weight training, including those who spend a lot of time in the gym, often neglect wrist training. While you can’t enlarge the bones in your wrist, some exercises can increase wrist power thickening and muscle building.

Specific wrist exercises can strengthen your muscles and improve your body shape and strengthen grip and improve the forearms and palms.

Lifting weights and no-weights help you increase your wrist size and increase your flexibility and strength. It is essential to exercise correctly according to the correct exercise program to avoid injury or wear to the wrist tissues and muscles.

These are some yoga exercises, stretches, and postures that can increase your wrist size and make your wrist stronger.

Wrist movements to Increase your wrist size

Wrist extension is essential and should be combined with regular physical training. Especially when the wrist is small and weak, it increases your wrist size and muscles.

  • Warm-Up

Before you start working out your wrist muscles, you need to do some warm-up exercises, so they don’t make your wrists worse. Hand curls and wrist flexion, and extension can be some of these methods. This will gradually overload the wrist and prepare for the exercise.

  • Wrist extension

Wrist stretching exercises or wrist workouts are simple and easy to do and can be done at home to increase your forearms’ flexibility by strengthening your wrists. This is one of the most effective ways to enlarge your wrist gradually.

Place it on a table or one leg behind your forearm. Keep your hands on your arms with your palms facing upwards.

Keep these hand weights light and slowly drop to the floor. This transfer takes about 5 seconds. Return your wrist to its original position.

Do 2 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions 4 to 5 times a week on each wrist.

Wrist Exercises

Wrist exercises are very similar to wrist stretches. When the direction of movement changes, the focus is on the movement of the various muscles. This is especially common in the physical rehabilitation phase after a wrist injury. This exercise can be done at home will increase your wrist size.

I use a dumbbell like this and push my arms aside. Then slowly tilt it up and down. Do 4-5 reps, 2 sets, or 10-15 reps per week on each wrist.

  • Wrist detachment

Post-workout wrist rest is a great exercise to stretch muscles and reduce the risk of injury or pain. It would be best if you did this at the end of each exercise program.

Place one hand on the back of the other hand and the other hand on your wrist. Use a small amount of pressure on your hand to hold your hand and lower your arm to increase the angle. Hold the position for 60 to 10 seconds and do the same with the other arm.

Exercise your wrist muscles to strengthen

Wrestlers, bodybuilders, athletes, and sports enthusiasts train and strengthen the wrist muscles. Please show me some of the most common wrist exercises to increase your wrist size.

  • Knitted push-ups

If you want to increase the stability and strength of your forearms, push-ups are a great exercise. However, instead of causing joint pain and stiffness or putting pressure on the wrist like a regular push, wrist strength is increased by pushing the knuckles.

Keep your wrists straight and strong while doing this push-up. This may be difficult for beginners, but it is recommended that you only do 3 sets of 10 reps.

  • Clamping the board

One of the most common strength training exercises that bodybuilders do is tone the forearms by pinching planks.

Align one or two weightlifting boards perpendicular to the floor. Break and hold the board with your hands and stand up slowly. When you feel comfortable, you can alternate between 3 sets. Each set can be used 5-10 times or more.

  • wrists roller

A piece of equipment commonly used in the gym called a wrists roller is used to train the wrists roller. You can train your big arms and wrists effectively. Rolling Roll, A heavy rope is hung from the center of the rope. The crossbar can be used as a substitute and can be hung on a rope for heavy objects.

  • Curls

Simple bicep curls help increase strength because you need to keep your wrists straight. You can also match your wrists with straight bars and thick bars. This increases the power of your hands and wrists.

It is lighter than a barbell, used to hold the barbell and flex the upper arm’s biceps. Instead of pushing the dumbbell like the arm to the highest point, he bends the wrist and lifts the dumbbell. Also, hold your hands for exercise.

  • Forearm developer

The forearm developer hangs a heavy object in the center with a simple rope or peg tool attached to a chain. Hold the pin with your hands, roll it forward and lift the rope/chain. When it reaches the extra pin, it slowly expands.

  • Towel pull-ups

Distribute 2 towels evenly over the shoulders of the drawbar. Then hold both towels with your palms up and your fingers up. Get it out of.

  • Roof lift

This is a popular sport among arm wrestlers. The lifter can move the wrist and forearm. The other end can be held with a barbell on top of the equalizer plate or with a sledgehammer on the other end.

Please stand up, hold the barbell, extend your arms to one side and rotate your wrists to raise the load signal as high as possible and return it to its original position.

Yoga postures can increase wrist strength.

Yoga poses can be used for full-body workouts and can effectively increase wrist size.

A variety of basic and advanced yoga poses, including other poses, put pressure on the hands and wrists. This strengthens these muscles and increases your wrist size.

Do not practice this yoga pose multiple times. Excessive exercise can strain the hand or wrist and cause injury.

Grip exercises

Grip drills can be done anytime, anywhere, from convenient exercises to expanding your wrist. Grip strength training is used for flexing the wrist muscles with a reverse grip (similar to a ball pinch). They have a handle attached to the spring.

You must hold the jump trainer grip trainer with one hand and press the handles together. Hold for a moment and then release. This exercise can train the wrists and hands and increase grip strength.

You can try a simple knee brace for a cold wrist workout. You can try without using your device. Open your palms, hold them slightly, then release them.

You can hold a tennis ball with your hands. Hold the ball as tightly as possible for 5 seconds and release it slowly. Do it 10 times with one hand. This strengthens the hand muscles that connect to the wrist.

It takes time to build up your fitness, so you have to wait patiently. Consistency is key. Continue to exercise according to the exercise routine. Stretch your wrists to build stronger wrist muscles.


Wrist detachments can be performed anywhere without expensive equipment or high-tech equipment. All you need is a flat surface, such as a wall or table. When you let go of your wrist, it is no different from extending your wrist out or in and holding it for a while. Place your wrists on a flat surface and bend your wrists to apply pressure. This mainly happens after exercise. This helps the muscles to relax, preventing possible injury or muscle pain.


Another way to train your wrist muscles is to hold a towel with both hands and turn the sides in opposite directions. For example, wring out a towel and let it dry. Increase your wrist size. Most gyms have rollers that hold heavy objects on the rope. Weights can be adjusted to increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise. Using a towel can increase resistance by breaking it. It makes the towel heavier and increases the power of your wrist workout. In addition to towels, bars can also be used as dough plates.


Increasing wrist strength to increase wrist strength does not require high-quality equipment or expensive machinery. Simple weightlifting allows you to flex your muscles and wrists to make them bigger. Utility companies can also perform great wrist-size exercises, which help individuals train anytime, anywhere.

However, it will take some time to understand wrist strength before proceeding to train the wrist muscles. Therefore, cooperation and hard work are required to increase the pulse.

Other exercise methods, such as push-ups, chin push-ups, and squeezing the pressure plate, can also help make your wrist bigger. When you do this exercise, you also engage the other muscles in your arms, and those muscles benefit from increasing your wrist size.

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