Which food and supplement better to control hair fall?


A majority of people have hair loss problem. Losing around 100 hairs a day will not make you bald in fact it is pretty normal. Along with losing 100 hairs there are much more than that growing at the same time. Hair loss is most commonly seen in women as compared to men. The root cause of fair fall may vary from vitamin deficiency to an underlying health condition and the treatment completely depends upon its causes. The below are some of the ordinary as well as unfamiliar reasons for hair loss.

1. Home remedies

Oiling regularly with essential oils, hair masks, and dietary changes can prove to be immensely effective in reducing your hair loss .coconut oil,caster oil,olive oil these three oils are better for hair falls.

2.Hair spa

Hair Spa is a therapy that is essential for maintaining a healthy growth. It is basically a procedure that helps to make your hair strong, bouncy and shiny, while simultaneously dealing with dandruff, damaged hair, and hair fall control.

some famous better hair spa :-

  1. Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Complex Beautifying Oil Mask. …
  2. L’Oreal Paris Hair Spa Deep Nourishing Cream bath For Dry Hair. …
  3. Well Professional Enrich Moisturizing Treatment For Dry And Damaged Hair. …
  4. Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque. …
  5. Organic Harvest Hair Spa For Dry And hair fall.


3.Healthy Diet Plan

  1. spinach– spinach is the good source of vitamins(B,C,E),Potassium,magnsium,calcium and omega-3.its not healthy for hair loss as well as skin health.
  2. Walnuts – walnuts is the good source of vitamins E and omega-3 fatty acid.vitamin E best for hair loss.
  3. Sweet potatoes – sweet potatoes contain vitamin A,C and E , which can help improve the look of your hair . Enjoy the nutritious spuds steamed, baked or roasted into sweet potato fries.
  4. Almond Butter – This tasty spread is also packed with vitamin E, manganese, and selenium, which help keep your hair shiny. The vitamin E in almonds and almond butter can also help protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Vitamin E and almond oil can also be used topically on the body as a beauty serum.
  5. Egg – eggs are great source of Protein and Biotin .Biotin are good for hair.
  6. Fish – fish are good source of Protein ,vitamin B , D-3 and Omega-3 fatty acid.these  nutrients  are help to reduce hair fall and increase your hair shine.
  7. flax-seeds – flax-seeds are good source of vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acid. omega-3 is best for skin and hair health.

3.Supliment for Fix hair fall

  1. Testosterone Booster – first steps to fix your testosterone level. Commonly in mans main reason of hair fall is testosterone imbalance. Testosterone booster easily found in supplement shop.
  2. Vitamin E Capsules – Vitamin E capsules is a best for hair growth.its easily found in medical store and supplement store in market.
  3. Biotin Capsules – Biotin capsules are the best source of hair growth as well as skin health. 1-2 capsule daily bases .

Invest in your Hair,it is the Crown you never take off