Health Benefits Of Jamun In Summer

Many health benefits of Jamun in summer. It,s the best summer gift for health. Jamun also is a hub of several medical properties. Jamun tree usually grows to a height of 60 to 80 feet and bear fruit annually. The main use of Jamun is in the treatment of diabetes, Diaria, Alcer, Digestion problems because it contains many anti- oxidents, vitamins, and fibers.

Jamun(Black Plum) Nutrition value

Jamun(Black plums) contain a significant amount of vitamin C, iron, magnesium, vitamin-B3 B6, and dietary fiber, as well as potassium, vitamin A and small amounts of protein. There is a moderate amount of calories,
roughly 76-80 per cup, but there is a minimal amount of fat and no cholesterol to speak of.

health benefits of jamun

5 Health Benefits Of Jamun

1. Jamun For Healthy Heart

Jamun contain good amount of potassium. 100gm of jamun contain 55mg of Potassium. so jamun is very beneficial to heart deseases and high blood pressure.

2. Jamun For Skin Health

Jamun seed are very useful to treat acne. Crush the Jamun seeds and mix into the Cow milk. Apply this paste before going to bed and wash it in the morning.

3. Jamun Helps Increase Stamina and Strength

Jamun juice best source of increasing the energy levels and strength of the body. its contain high amount of Iron so its helps in treating Anaemia.


Jamun recipe(juice)


  • 500 gm Jamun
  • 1/2 teaspoon chilly powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon black salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon roasted cumin(Jira)
  • 1/2 teaspoon citric acid(optional)
  • 1- liter water


firstly boil all the jamuns until the pulps and seed didn’t get seprated after that take pulps out of it and blend it with all the ingredients mentioned above and your juice is ready know

4. Jamun For Weight Loss

Because it is low in calories and you add it in our summer diet is also a source of dietary fiber so it helps to increase digestion.


1.Pregnant as well as breast-feeding mother should avoid jamun.
….2. Eating of jamun empty stomach should be avoided.
….3. Milk shouldn’t be taken after eating jamun.

5. Jamun Helps To Increase Hemoglobin

Jamun’s iron content acts as a blood purifying agent. it is the medium of purifying your blood; therefore, it is good for skin and beauty.

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