Health Benefit of Drinking Warm/Hot Water

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We all know water is good for us, but drinking it warm comes                                       with a whole host of added health benefits

1 – HELPS IN DIGESTION  :- Hot water benefits in our digestion process. It helps easy digestion of food. From nature and in Ayurveda it tell hot water helps in the stimulation of digestion.  Most probably it can easily support the digestion process. When we use cold water with food makes an reverse impact in digestion process. This is because of our body need more time and energy to digest the food. But in hot water it easily digest and control from gas-trouble problems.

2 – BLOOD CIRCULATION  :- Hot water improves our blood circulation. It eliminates the fats in our body and other detox from our nervous system. Hot water benefits all our body process.

3 – WEIGHT LOSS OF BODY :-  Hot water is important in health cycle of our body . It usually for a healthy metabolism in our body. It regulates the stomach acids in our body and prevents our body from dehydration. It prevents the stomach problems such us acidity, gastro etc. Its helps in digestion process and supports the weight loss.

4 – PREVENT FACE PIMPLES :- Hot water help up to prevent pimples in face, it clean our body and remove the pimple making cells. It mostly destroy the root of infectious cells which is reason for acne and pimples.

5 – HAIR GROWTH :- Because of the functioning warm water activate the hair roots and it helps for adequate growth of hair. Warm water helps to remove unwanted strains in root cells and helps in continuous growth of hair roots. Simply its clear the way for growth.

6 – HELPS IN THROAT FUNCTIONS :- Drinking the warm water is a better natural remedy for cold cough and also the throat problems. It clean our nasal and respiratory system.