7 things help you grow your hair much faster.

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1.Start getting a champi done once a week: Growing hair starts from the roots which means that taking care of your scalp and the roots of your hairs can stimulate growth. heat up a bit of olive/coconut/argon/almond oil until warm to the touch. gently rub this into your scalp for 5 to 10 minutes and allow the oil to soak into your hair for an additional 30 minutes.

2.Wash your hair with cold water: Hot showers may be the most comfortable but the heat from the water opens the hair shaft of each strand of hair, letting out valuable moisture, making your hair more brittle and prone to damage. when you wash your hair, use the coldest water you can stand. The cool temperature will close the hair shaft and help to trap in the moisture that you would otherwise let out.

3.Know when to cut your hair: There tend to be two major parties when it comes to hair growth; those who promote regular trims, and those who vow against any hair.

4.Maintain good health: There’s a reason people remark on ‘losing hair’ when they are stressed; stress, poor diet, and a lack of exercise can all lead to hair thinning and slowing the growth of hair. make necessary lifestyle changes to promote good eating and exercise habits, and cut out stress whenever possible.

5.Eat a lot of protein: No matter what kind of grooming routine you follow. if you don’t ingest the right nutrients you will never be able to grow your hair at an optimal rate. A good breakfast with eggs and chicken can never be underestimated. try protein rich veggies like broccoli if you are vegetarian. it will work amazingly well for your hair, and also for your muscles.

6.Use the right shampoo: There are dozens of hair shampoos on the market, each tailored for a different hair type or ultimate style. However, the one consistent ingredient that you should avoid in shampoo is silicone. Although it is advertised as beneficial, silicone will block out moisture and nutrients, hindering hair growth.

7.Use the right conditioner: As said, silicone blocks out moisture and nutrients, so look for a conditioner with natural ingredients.